For the last month or so I have been struggling with this question. One of the next logical steps in my studies of front end development is to learn how to use a JavaScript framework such as Angular or Vue.js. However, I feel blocked by this one issue that comes to mind.

How does one populate a website with content (say from a database) with a framework like Vue or Angular?

Based on my current research I have come to the conclusion that the only way to do this would be by loading the page and then using client-side JavaScript to request the relevant data after the initial load.

This, to me, seems very inefficient.

Is there any way to render the page beforehand while still keeping all the features of the frontend framework?

  • I can basically say it's called SSR (Server Side Rendering) but as you see from the guidelines here, there's no correlation between UX and it's implementation. For further research I recommend you to take a look at the topic above with a framework's itself but it's already not a single point to start. It's a bit for senior role mostly because a typical frontend developer starts to learn page by page or components first. Then you may learn states, factories, routing, etc. But plainly it renders the site's html first to gain time and then pushes the asking client directly whenever demanded. – Erhan Yaşar Dec 3 at 7:36