Im using Mouseflow to show heatmaps of click behaviour on our site.

I think this is not first account / project where I see that in a specific time range number of clicks that Mouseflow shows is very low compared to real state (there is also Analytics, and real conversions we are receiving).

Does anyone has experience with Mouseflow to clear this? Is Mouseflow missing some clicks?

  • Can you provide screenshots that show the deviation in clicks (heatmap VS Real conversion) ? – hc_dev Dec 2 at 20:55
  • 1
    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this would be best addressed by the company that makes the product rather than the UXSE community. – Michael Lai Dec 5 at 4:52

One way to to get a sort of reliability check is, -temporarily- installing the tracking code from Hotjar, (it let's you create a similar heatmap up to about a 1000 visitors (free version)). That way you can compare the clicks per 1000 visits measured by hotjar with those per 1000 reported by mouseflow. (This is better than using google analytics for example since you probably do not track all clicks with this and even if you would, my experience is that there are also quite some 'miss-clicks' and non-event clicks that would ruin this comparison if done with GA data.)
Hope this helps!

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