There are many design systems available online noways, but I am getting confused - what was the purpose of buying a designer system for the designers. 

Why designers buy the UI kit instead of making or building their UI kit? How can it be helpful for the organization and designers? Is it help the UX designer to focus more on the solution instead of crafting the interface?

If you ever buy any design system, please share your experience.

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I think you are more talking about the UIKits than Design System. UIKit is one of the important items of Design System.

Design System mainly consists of

  1. Design Principles
  2. UIKits
  3. Style Guide
  4. Documentation

If the team is designing some app and they find some available UIKits resemble then they should use the existing and then build on top of it otherwise design a fresh UIKit which fits to their project need.


I would advise you to read the Atomic Design book. On the last chapters you a lot of information regarding your question.

  • Could you copy and paste some of the relevant information?
    – Mayo
    Nov 29, 2019 at 17:42

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