This is a continuation of a previous question.

I'm developing an app whose only purpose is to display the closest Joe's Florida Tacos locations to my current location in Florida. It will have the usual list (closest first) and a map with the markers. The app doesn't have any use outside of Florida.

Under normal circumstances, the user enabled "current location" so the app will display a list with the closest locations to user (like this). If the user switches to the map, the map will display location of the user and several markers.

But let's say that "current location" is disabled. What will be displayed in the initial screen, where the list should be? Will it be empty or will it display everything? And let's say that the user switches to map, what will the map display?

Is it possible to get an approximate location even if current location is off?

I don't want to require that the user enables current location, but I don't know what to display if it's disabled.


Maybe you could ask them for a zip code or city or something like that?

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