The way sign up works in my app is you enter your username, password, and email. How should I present to the user that a verification link was sent? And how would I dismiss them back to the login screen, or should I not do that?

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Here we have 4 steps for users:

  1. Filling sign up form
  2. Tell user a verification link sent to entered email address
  3. Clicking on verification link to confirm email address & tell user email confirmed or not
  4. Ask user to login with entered username & password or redirect user from confirmation page alert to login page automatically

In first step you have a typical sign up form. Next we have a page that tell user confirmation link sent to their email address. If they cannot see it please check their spam folder. (It's important because many of the emails would go to spam automatically and users don't know they have to check that too). There is optional step here, you can show user what email address they entered and if it's not correct they can go back and change it. Next step after user confirm we should show a message that 'Email confirmed successfully!' with a nice graphical image. For better security we redirect user to login page and ask them to login again. This is optional for more security and you can automatically login user, but It's recommended to ask them to login again. Hope it helps:)

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