My company is testing out a new writing recommendation tool that will help users write better blog posts. The recommendation panel will appear next to the "body" input field, which is one field in a larger form.

It's been decided that this will be released as a beta, with an option to opt-out and return to the standard layout. Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, once a user has decided to opt-out they won't be able to opt back in. The transition from the beta view to the standard view is seamless. Any text a user has already entered will remain, but the recommendations panel and text highlighting will disappear.

The issue I'm having is thinking of an appropriate label for the opt-out link. I'm currently using "Hide recommendations", but I'm worried users might think this means that they can hide and show the recommendations at will. I thought about something simple like "Exit beta", but again, I'm concerned that users might think they'll be taken away from the form.

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