Are there any patterns one should follow to help them decide if a topic should should go as a separate page on a website or should it be a section under an existing page?

e.g: For my SaaS @ https://divshow.bytebeacon.com When you login, I have a bunch of things shoved under the "Accounts" page. There are profile details in there, basic stats and billing.
I feel like I should separate out Billing section into a separate page (it seems like a high value page), but I can keep profile info and basic stats together.
I can also split "Stats" in its own page, but now I'm starting to feel there might be too many pages (I wanted to keep low number of clicks for the user as well).

How do you think about a topic getting its own page vs being placed as a section in another page?
Also what would your advice be on my "Accounts" page?

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    This falls under the general area of Information Architecture, and although there are some general principles that apply, the best way to answer your question would be to have a full understanding of all of the content and working out how to break it into logical chunks for the user (hopefully by testing it with them). – Michael Lai Oct 30 at 6:16