My question is about the UX for chatbots when there are multiple bots within a website or digital ecosystem. This must be an increasing problem these days in very large companies for example, when you may have one employee bot that handles tech questions about passwords and another that handles HR questions about holidays.

I was wondering if anyone is aware of any UX research or best practice guides for these kinds of scenarios?

I imagine some people may be annoyed by an explicit bot-to-bot handover, while others may feel this experience is more tailored. I'd be keen to hear people's thoughts!


I am not aware of any UX research based on this exact scenario, but I would imagine this system to be designed very similar to a regular chat system if there are more than around four bots.

For quick inspiration, this article showcases different designs: https://medium.com/inspiration-supply/chat-uis-interaction-design-7b62523f3dc4?

Anything less than four, would not necessarily need that complex of a system and something like stacked buttons that expand out to give more details when hovered or even just a menu when clicked would suffice.

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