I’m working on a text-based UI (no graphics other than text) which lists food items ordered one after the other. These food items are connected one another with an arrow symbol. For example:

“Food A --> Food B --> Food C --> Food D” and so on. The list takes the number of lines necessary to display all the content.

The question is when I reach the end of a line, should I display the arrow leading to the next item in the current line, or on the next line ? Is there is a typographical convention for this ?

I mean, either: “Food A --> Food B --> Food C -->

Food D”

Or: “Food A --> Food B --> Food C

--> Food D”

Thanks !

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No typographical knowledge but...

Any possibility of repeating the arrow?

Food A --> Food B --> Food C -->

--> Food D

That way at a glance you know Food C is not the end of the chain and Food D is not the start of a new chain

  • Great, it's a pragmatic solution :)
    – EsaiG
    Oct 24, 2019 at 9:41

I also agree with the above provided answer, but you can also consider using an ellipsis (...) for the top line and the arrow on the bottom.

Food A --> Food B --> Food C ...
  --> Food D

You can also just think about having the arrow at the top, and tab the second line inward, like so:

Food A --> Food B --> Food C -->
  Food D --> Food E
  • Thanks for the ideas ! I tested the ellipsis, but some people might interpret it as meaning that the label for the preceding item (food C in this case) is incomplete, which is not the case. And as for the 2nd suggestion, the inconvenient is that "Food D" might be interpreted as a sub-label for Food A (since it's indented jut below). So I think I'll do as the answer above suggests.
    – EsaiG
    Oct 24, 2019 at 9:44

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