I have a fairly long page that leads off with a bold statistic in the hero section of the page. That statistic has an * that needs to be cited where that statistic came from. Should the footnote portion of that come in the same section or at the bottom of the page? Shown below.

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There's a third option: a footnote popup.

enter image description here

The physical location of a footnote is in relation to a printed page, in interactive texts, the footnote popup makes much more sense:

  • The information is in the exact place where the footnote is
  • You avoid having to look for a special place to put the information and help the reader not to browse looking for it

Image from pagetoscreen.net

Footnotes popup Codepen example


The bottom of the page.


  • Stick with learned behavior. That's where readers are used to seeing footnotes.
  • Users could miss them. If you put the footnotes below the section the text appears in, your users will not know exactly where to look per section.
  • Potential Inconsistency. You'd also be setting a precedent to find footnotes throughout the page/site the same way and if you're not designing the entire site, there would be inconsistency.
  • Easy to implement. If you have a dev team that can do a pop-up like the suggestion below, go for it! Otherwise, footnotes at the bottom would be your next best options.

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