The symbols included in Sketch have this structure for cells (used in list/table):

  • Insert > Symbols > iOS UI Design > Cells > Table
  • Insert > Symbols > iOS UI Design > Overrides > Cells

Using the word "Overides" makes sense from a Sketch perspective as it explains the function in Sketch, though it does not explain well the placement and usage of the items in the table view cell. Ex. the chevron or toggle switch is usually inside a cell. Also, it pretty confusing having loads of different symbols used across different views under "Overrides".

enter image description here

This what the cell looks like: enter image description here

I am therefore trying to figure out what the best naming would be. In iOS https://material.io/components/lists/#behavior they would be objects, while as far as I can see, Material Design doesn't have one unifying word for this https://material.io/components/lists/#behavior

Words that I find could describe the items could be:

  • elements
  • components
  • properties
  • objects

Of these, I find "elements" would be best. What do you call these items that make them easy to find and that one understands that these items are to be used inside a cell?

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