We are building an in-house statistics viewing environment. there won't be time critical information. It is not public, but it has about 500 users. We have agreed that because of medium size data tables the smallest screen size for viewing it is a tablet.

It means we have three options when a user opens this enviroment on mobile phone: 1. we will show him zoomed out view and when the user zooms in, there will be horizontal scroll.

  1. We won't show the content at all and tell to switch device.

Which option would be better? why?

  • Well, this can depend a lot on for what purpose this data is used, and your particular user base (it sounds like you might have a captive audience, so research might be easier to conduct). However, would you might consider a third option? Perhaps reformatting the data to show perhaps the most important information initially (in a single- or double-row layout) with an option to expand and show all details? Or perhaps a card-based layout for smaller screens? Equipped with adequate searching/filtering tools, this could be a better option. Hiding it completely would be the least helpful option. – maxathousand Oct 17 '19 at 13:12

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