Let's say, a logo of a brand is turquoise and we use that same turquoise, as a strip on the top of a form (example from https://www.seerinteractive.com/blog/ux-checklist-series-form-design/) like below: enter image description here

Is this considered visual clutter?

  • In this case, even if it is considered visual clutter, I would say that it has been minimized while still achieving the purpose of brand identification. Sticking a large image of the company logo would probably be more of a visual clutter. Keep in mind that this is somewhat subjective but it is about achieving the right balance. – Michael Lai Oct 16 at 23:33

This is a very wide user case, so the answer will be DEPENDS.

First, if it has a dominant brand color, it would be advisable to have all the important elements (such as CTA) so that they are of a different color. This is called accent color.

However, in small decorative elements (such as the color bar in your sample forms), using the same dominant shade will probably work well.

But if you have elements with positive / negative connotations (such as the icons in your example forms), then it is better to get away from the dominant hue. The negative connotations are obvious so I won't extend.

But you may be tempted to join positive connotations with the colors of the brand. After all, it's a positive connotation, right? While this is true, and you should not use only the color to convey a status message, the color of the elements will generally be scanned faster. If you use the same dominant hues, your status message will probably be scanned as a decorative element and may be ignored (or at least cause some degree of friction), so it is better to use a different hue or shade

So, the real answer to your question (and most of UX's questions) is: just TEST! :)

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