I'm studying interaction design (via a Swedish uni) so am having some difficulty finding English terms for different interactions and interface designs. Terms like lightbox popup and modal overlays.

A couple of days ago I found myself miserably failing in describing a feature on Amazon (gone now, must have been an A/B test) where, after you add an item to the basket, a window slides out from the right, displaying what's in the basket, and with a button navigating to the checkout page.

*What would I call a function like this?

Q. What I really want to ask though, is if you know of any library where I can find a list of terms and explanations for different types of interactions like this.


I do not know of a comprehensive list, but here are a few relevant articles:

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all of the above links as well as https://pttrns.com/ & https://uimovement.com/ to present Interaction mock.

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  • Could you copy and paste the relevant parts into your answer? Link rot and all that. – Mayo Nov 11 '19 at 13:52

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