I have the following issue regading UX/UI Design. A little introduction: Currently we are working on a new version of a document based application. This is for mostly municipalities/goverment kind of companies. Like you are working on a case and everything related to that case will be stored as documents in that certain case, and that can be like e-mails etc.

The question of our users/clients was that they want to see wether the document is finalized or still in concept (document status). So i came with a label showing: Definitief (dutch for finalized) like in the screenshot. In our older version we used icons like a green check and a pencil. We had discussions about it with developers and we have two camps. I am afraid that new users won't understand it anymore because of that icons needs to be understandable.

With those two things in my mind:

  1. "Don’t use icons with conflicting meaning. Icons that could represent multiple things should be avoided."
  2. "When in doubt, remember the best icon is a text label."

What would you do? Icon or text label in the design like this?

Thanks for reading!