We're redesigning some of our landing pages. In this case each landing page has 6-8 course categories each of which contain 3-4 courses by date, time and price. Current Layout

Each course has a CTA button and is contained under collapsible course menu. The landing page currently opens with all menus expanded, which introduces the issue of needing to scroll down a lot to find the right course. We also believe we can organize the data better.

For this we've come up with a floating bar at the right side which, when clicked upon, scrolls to the right course category (e.g, category 4). Propose layout

We're wondering if there's a better way to do this. Suggestions to improve the layout would also be welcome.

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I've included an alternate design that shows all course options by default, but may help to remove decision fatigue and page weight by minimizing the "select" buttons. Here, a user would need to select a course first, then in a modal choose which specific class. I think it degrades to a mobile view well too. Hope this helps!


Desktop view


Mobile View


Considering this is a landing page and the conversion rate is important and for it, you should show the CTA buttons instead of hiding them inside an accordion I will suggest to you 2 alternatives.

1) Showing all in open boxes and highlighting the most important.

enter image description here

2) My favourite because:

  • Too many options = more choice = easy to take no choice (and leave)
  • Showing options for the future you will lose the impulsive buying
  • Put the focus on whats matter

enter image description here

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    – T0urist
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  • Good answer. Appreciate your efforts into answering this. For a cleaner UI, Option 2 seems viable, however we need to list all the sub-courses available for each course type. While most course types have 4-5 sub courses, some can have over 8-10 items. I regret missing out on conveying this in the OP. As each open box is constrained in proportions, I wonder how would we fit items in such a case?
    – T0urist
    Oct 3, 2019 at 14:46
  • @T0urist Could you give me some examples and show me what you tried for it? I gave you a suggestion looking for your wireframes. I would love to help you but I can't do your job. Please, complement (edit) your question with more information. Oct 3, 2019 at 14:56

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