This is my first post here, and what I am searching for have not been found yet, I must be very innovate, joke aside. I have gotten a mission at my current company from the C-level to test through all of the components and patterns of our design system. This is everything from input components, badges, tables, cards, panels etc. Our design system is structured based on atomic design.

I am however not familiar with testing on specific components alone, I have always done it through scenarios and cases where we have whole layouts with components that will support our users in their work. Is there any way of performing smaller usability tests without specific cases?

Here's what I was thinking:

  1. I could test each component against certain criterias.
  2. I could perform the 5-second test (identify how it is being percieved after 5 seconds)
  3. The break-it-method, where users and test paricipants try to find errors and problems in the functionality and usability
  4. Test participants will compare our components one by one with those of material design or lightning
  5. Evaluate the components through CBUQ (Component-Based Usability Questionnaire)
  6. Have small tasks for each component to see how easy they are to use and navigate, e.g. Task1 - enter data, Task2 - remove entered data, Task3 - Navigate using keyboard etc.

Are any of these ideas good? Are there any others? Please help! Any input in valuable! :)

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    I think you might also need to communicate that testing elements and components without context has limited value and can even cause problems when context is added in pages and user flows. – Andrew Martin Sep 18 at 15:59

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