Should I User Test a new feature with it's onboarding?

At the moment I do. Reason is, if I never test the onboarding part, how do I know if the execution is correct? Secondly, if I was to conduct User testing without, then with onboarding, it takes way too long.

But I've been thinking. If I include onboarding on information that’s unnecessary, how will I ever know to strip it?

Does anyone have any good, valid resources that talk about this?

Thanks :)

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You could preform a test without the onboarding and see where users struggle. With this info you could make your onboarding process better.

With this new onboarding you can make a new test and see if the users understand the new feature instantly.

This way you tested your feature and the onboarding.


If feels like you should. Sometimes complex, or even just new features have to be explained. This is called onboarding.

The secret is whether the new feature is ultimately usable. Ideally, this would be without any kind of explanation: 'a perfect system'. But often this is not the case, so a degree of explaining is needed to ensure the new features are usable.

Summary: your ultimate goal is to see whether the user can use the new feature. If this requires a degree of onboarding, then so be it. But you have to demonstrate the new feature is understood and usable over anything else.

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