I'm an IT professional working for a larger enterprise in Switzerland. Furthermore, I'm a freelancer (mostly voluntary activities for schools and very small companies) in my home country Germany.

Both fields of activities need to be presented on my personal website. For the IT professional engagement, some sort of blogging is expected by my employer, which must be written in English.

The voluntary activities are very local activities (only a particular region of Germany), thus it should be written in German.

Assuming a re-design of my website, how could I combine both offerings and solve the language mix issue here?


I was thinking of a simple, localized landing page, with two "buttons" redirecting a visitor to the field of activities (sub-page/dedicated page or site) written in either English or German.

Of course, I want to share as much as I can, e.g. about me section and the overall theme, but still keep the effort low. No extra translation of content, no fancy language detection.

I'm looking for some real-life examples or other ideas.

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    If they don't affect each other, you can work with a home to split audience by what hey are looking for. And if they can't be together, I suggest you to make two complete different websites. See an interestind splited website example: arenapersonnel.com. And see a brazilian website as an example: mgcestudio.com.br Sep 10, 2019 at 8:13

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Welcome, Sebastian! Having read different portfolios of people that encountered the same issue in Spain, I have come up with the conclusion that:

Multilingual means multicultural. Which can be great for your portfolio if you treat it correctly. I would mix those languages since you are bilingual, but in the end, I would also tell the visitor that he is about to read English (in case of a German visitor) or German (in case of an international visitor) content and you can explain why is that. Just to try, I would add a little Google translator button in case a visitor wants really to know more about.

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    I love your quote: > "Multilingual means multicultural". Oct 17, 2019 at 10:29

Based on the responses here, I developed confidence to mix languages.

As my final solution, I placed a big badge in German language on my simple and lean landing page with an about me text in English language.

Furthermore, I used a German flag/heart icon to indicate, that the mix of languages is by intent. This way I'm able to mix languages even in the footer section for all pages.

Here is the result:

Landing page with language mix


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