On the website of a client we have a calendar of events with quite a bit information in addition to the date and place. It looks like this:

enter image description here

  • It's a jssor static slider
  • The user can see/go to the next event:
    • By clicking and dragging from the slider
    • Clicking on the View more → button
  • The slider shows the next event closest to today 1st in the center and the rest consecutively
  • At the bottom there is an indicator with dots showing the number of events, the filled dot is the event in the center
  • In the left and right borders there are incomplete events to show there is more to see

All this is seen very clear for me, but not for the common user as they have let me know.


  • No one understands the use of the View more → button
  • Nobody realizes that events can be moved by click and drag directly on the slider

  • When the first event appears in the center after the last event, this is seen as an error

  • The cut events on the left and right to show there is more hidden information, is perceived as a design error

  • Removing the cut events from the ends makes no one know there are more events to see

  • Nobody sees or understands the meaning of the dot indicator at the bottom

enter image description here

The only solution I see possible is putting the classic slider buttons to see if it's better understood (I have not tested it and breaks the overall page design)

enter image description here

Summing up: I think nobody realize the calendar of events is a slider.

I'm a little blind in terms of function, because I still seeing it very clear, some idea of an impartial eye can be of great help.

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This solution can be interesting, but also problematic.

The user should find the event that best suits his preference as soon as possible.In a monthly or several-month perspective, this solution is simply unbelievable. At the moment when, however, we are focused on the near future (a few days back or forth) - this is very good.

It would be annoying to look for event 27 when I have a 1-4 day slider visible (so search here should be neccessary)

My observations about Your issues:

  1. Maybe changing "View more" to "Next data" will be clearer for user?
  2. That's a problem, it's possibility to add a tutorial here (however, a lot of work. (with time users will adapt to the new control, at the moment this is not the pattern they know. However, adaptation can occur over time)
  3. I don't get it. What type of error?
  4. After click on the event i being redirect to page with specific event right?
  5. Logically it's clear that there can be more events
  6. Why not? This is quite a common design practice

My advices:

  1. Depending on the significance of the events, the user aims to consider what will be most optimal for them.

What is the goal?

  • Saving for an event?
  • Watching the event?

  1. Do research about calendar/time ui.:

enter image description here

  1. Discuss the issue with client/programmers/users for more insights and optimal solution for objectives.

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