I have a page with tabs. The Save Data will save data for all tabs. It is possible that some tabs will have input fields that will be invalid when they hit save.

How would I go about handling invalid fields? For instance, the user could hit save while on a different tab and be confused why it's not saving.

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Indicate which tabs have errors, and show the errors for each section within the tab.

Multiple tab sections have errors, and one is expanded showing its error

Optionally, if you find it suits your use case and how users interact with these tabs, you could include a summary of all the errors. Providing an overall summary of errors could be useful if the tabs are dependent on each other, or if the data is interconnected.

Error summary showing errors grouped by tab header name

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    Oddly enough, I actually ran into this exact same issue about an hour ago. Commented Sep 6, 2019 at 21:31

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