Consider this card shown below:

enter image description here

It's a card with a list view showing the total income by teams. Now most of these teams have secondary teams under them. And many times the actual number of one of the teams could missing, pending or known to be incorrect. For a user who is looking at this card for information, how can I indicate that some numbers are incorrect or incomplete?

Some solutions and their drawbacks:

Warning Icons next to the number enter image description here


  • The icons is used in the app to indicate major warnings everywhere. Some might consider this a big deal. Whereas, the incompleteness is just temporary

Flag icon

enter image description here


  • List item

Its not actually a flagged item.

Coloring the number

enter image description here

Issues: Users might consider these numbers to hold more weight than the others. This could skew a few decisions.

Welcome all suggestions and questions. Thank you.


There are many possibilities. An option is the one DropBox uses for the ready and updating files:

  • The updated files have a green check icon
  • The files to be updated have a blue icon with the rotating arrows animation

enter image description here

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    I like this idea – Nodnin Sep 9 at 14:25

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