I would like to better understand the UX on slower connections.

Is there a set of tools or instructions on how to achieve this on Mac/Windows?

FYI, my software isn't a website or app, it's desktop software that runs on Mac and Windows.

I don't mind a DIY solution even.

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    So it is. Thanks! – user5783745 Sep 4 at 13:56
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    stackoverflow.com/questions/3536249/… your answer is here on stack overflow so i'm voting to close this question. – RobbyReindeer Sep 4 at 13:56
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    You can also do it in developer tools in your browser. I think it's called throttling... – RobbyReindeer Sep 4 at 13:57
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    @RobbyReindeer I'm not surprised google has thought of it. Very cool. Thing is in this case I'm testing desktop software (it's a command line tool for mac and windows) – user5783745 Sep 4 at 13:58
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    @RobbyReindeer It may be a "duplicate" of a post on another SE site. However, this is certainly a UX question as I see it. (Posts on different SE sites are not duplicates, AFAIK.) – Kris Sep 5 at 11:16

What about Chrome devTools - there is "Throttling" on "Network tab", and also there is "Performance" tab with snapshots and visualizing the sequence of rendering.


Other browsers usually have similar tools, but I found chrome best, or at least I am used to it.

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