I have 2 design approach for a specific module 1 is for mobile and 1 is for tablet. The goal of this is for analyzation of the historical dates of the financial data.

A. Mobile phone design - Straight forward horizontal bar chart to differentiate each data from the previous periods.

Mobile screen

B. Tablet Design - This is to increase users interactions by providing more relevant information for analysis to filter the data and period based on their preferences. enter image description here

Does it make sense from the users perspective do have different designs from the different screen? Does it not affect the learnability and familiarity on the app?

Thank you

  • Do you have any info on what proportion of users will be switching between the two? If most users use either a tablet (or perhaps desktop), or a mobile, and only a few will switch between the two, it may be less important that they look different. – TripeHound Sep 4 '19 at 13:14

When it comes to consistency and knowledge of application design, it is necessary to maintain the same system design (Typography, colors, spaces etc.)

The issue of functionality is also important - because once the logic is written - it can easily be adapted to all types of devices.

I would recommend using a similar approach on any resolution

  • maintaining consistent clean code

  • no sense of surprise / confusion by the user

  • don't have to remember about different places in the application (in case of changes, you have to enter them 2x)

Currently, phones have great resolution, so designing a large number of functions should not be a problem

enter image description here

Credit for Iwona Sikora

  • Thanks for sharing your thought! I agree that consistency should be applied, but one thing in my mind is considering the other relevant information or actions that can be adopted on the larger screens. So that I'm torn between the consistency for the other screens. – Jaime Caro Sep 4 '19 at 9:31
  • Yes of course, If is need to be more functionalities/actions on larger screen it's should be apply and hide in smaller. Everything depends on the context, I recommend that You consult programmers and another designer on this issue :) – Piotr Żak Sep 4 '19 at 9:35

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