I am building a web site where students have to do their homework online.

I have a page that shows a list of cards , every card represent a homework. On every homework the students have to upload files.

I am thinking on two options :

1) Display a list of cards whith a short description and when the user click it , open a new page showing the full homework description,some details and allow the student upload their file.

2) Display a list of cards whith a short description and when the user click it , expand the card showing the the full homework description, some details and allow the student upload their file.

The homework description could be very large on some cases.

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes

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As a former student, I would much prefer that the homework assignment details would open in a new page.

The benefits of opening in its own page are numerous:

  • It helps the student focus on one homework assignment at a time.

    The student doesn't need to be concerned with other assignments while working on one. It is likely that the student will complete one assignment at a time, so there isn't much need to be able to quickly switch focus between multiple assignments, like expanding the card would allow them to do.

  • It reduces the chance that a student will upload a document to the wrong assignment, as they are likely to already be looking at the detailed view while completing the assignment.

  • It (hopefully) would provide a static URL that will always direct back to the same assignment.

    This means that if a student wants to bookmark a particular assignment to quickly come back to it, they may do so. homeworkserverexample.com/assignments/{homework assignment ID} is more useful than homeworkserverexample.com/assignments and having to scroll or filter items to find a particular one.

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