The Accessibility tab in Chrome developer tools run on a input without a label compiles to:

  • aria-labelledby: Not specified
  • aria-label: Not specified
  • From label: Not specified
  • placeholder: Not specified
  • aria-placeholder: Not specified
  • title: Not specified

Could someone explain the context of the 'From' label.


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It’s referring to an HTML label tag.

<label for=“answer”>Answer</label>
<input id=“answer”>

This is the “right” way to mark up a label for a form field.

  • aria-labelledby is a work-around when the label can’t be marked up by a label tag (e.g. see this recent answer)
  • aria-label is an alternative when for whatever reason there isn’t a tag whose content identifies the label
  • the others are not intended to be used as labels, but assistive technologies sometimes use them as fallbacks
  • Ahh thanks. I did not think to associate From with the <label for or the implicitly wrapped <label. The FROM threw me. 😬 Accessible name FROM the label! Of course makes sense.
    – Laurence L
    Aug 16, 2019 at 5:24

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