how would you improve the buttons on the top of the screen? To grab attention of the user I tried to change a bit their color (they are dark blue instead of black), but I think that they are not coherent with the rest of the screen. screen


Generally, circles are used to show information (think social media profile pics); we see them less as buttons.

Try making the buttons rounded rectangles. I don't think coloring the icons necessarily helps make them more discoverable, and color might compete with what the user is trying to do visually on the canvas. Monochrome might be the way to go.

A screenshot of Apple's Preview image editing buttons


It all depends on the product strategy

if the target is to be an advanced graphic processing program it's worth thinking about the menu comprehensively and holistic.

enter image description here enter image description here

If it is however a one-time function in the application then - three buttons with active state of active tool should be good: enter image description here

Or put the interface elements on the left side of the canvas with the addition of a text / description of what they are doing


Put your buttons at the bottom. When user looks for navigation buttons he well clearly see them.

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