More and more user interfaces seem to offer technical commands and shortcuts like

  • /remind (Slack)
  • /away (Teams)
  • /assign (Gitlab) ...

I was wondering if I should introduce such shortcuts in the graphical user interface of our industry software as well. I personally really like them but I fear that they are way too technical for non computer science - oriented people.

Is my fear legitimate? Is there any data on how such commands are used by non-technical users like accounting, human resources, designers, ... ?

  • I would say these are not intuitive solutions for your user group.
    – Jennifer
    Aug 4, 2019 at 4:06

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You are probably right, I would try to understand the context of your software. Is this an unnecessary flourish that a button or link could easily fulfil? Are these people power users that would benefit from such a shortcut?

I would recommend conducting some real-world research, ask people what their expectations are if they do such an action.

If you find that there is a real user benefit for having this feature I would look to notion.so for guidance on how you might explain the functionality (see attached screenshot)

enter image description here

enter image description here

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