I'm designing an android app and the only elements I have are a text and two buttons, with a large white background. I would you set these elements to improve the user experience? This is what I've done, but I don't really like the text position: enter image description here

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What you already have is good. Listing a few things that may help improve –

  1. Align text to left, so that both text and buttons are aligned.
  2. Increase whitespace around the content to make it look more centered.
  3. Use text-link for the secondary CTA. This will improve focus on the primary and maintain content alignment.

enter image description here


Depending on the context like what devices and orientation this app is supposed to run on, I'd pick the safest option and have a known mobile pattern where all of your content is laid down from the top, starting with the image header.

What you have shown here is more like a website layout and that's not something people would expect when downloading & using your app.

like this

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