This is my first post so please don't be critical with me if I do something wrong.

So what is my case - Everyone knows the standard method to visualize the working hours of business:

Standart working hours for business

But what is if the working hours for business are not always on the same day? For example, business works from Mon 4 am - Tue 1 am, Tue 4 am - Wen 1 am... and so on. It's a little confusing for the user when you present information like this:

enter image description here

BTW: I show current time and status of the business (open/closed), but I'm not sure are this solve problem with visualization.

So folks, what do you think on this case?

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    For context: What kind of business is this? Where are these opening hours shown? – locationunknown Jul 25 at 9:02

Because the business opens from (very) early in the morning through to (quite) late the following night, it may not be immediately obvious if presented in the "normal" form (it took me a couple of passes to parse it properly). A different approach might be to highlight when you are closed:

Hours: All Day, Every Day, except 1am to 4am

I've rolled-up all days into one line, since the times are the same, but you could list it day-by-day if preferred:


  • Monday: All Day except 1am to 4am
  • Tueday: All Day except 1am to 4am
  • ...
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    A great solution for most humans. I wonder what havoc this would play on things like SEO and Yelp. – Austin French Jul 26 at 15:12
  • @AustinFrench No idea... but – depending how "clever" they are – it's plausible they could be confused by the original format where the "start" time is later than the "end" time. – TripeHound Jul 26 at 15:16

I think it is clear to the user. Logically 00:00 - 01:00 is the next day already. But from a users perspective Monday 04:00 - 01:00 is absolutely understandable.

As a reference you could use google maps an look up the opening hours of some businesses. They do it exactly this way.

  • I'd disagree that it's immediately clear... it took me a couple of skims to realize it's open from (very) early Monday morning to (quite) late Tuesday night. Though the type of establishment might make this more obvious. – TripeHound Jul 26 at 14:26
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    I'd say this is 87% correct. The last 13% is probably cultural. So I would add, use the common time format. 1:00 is pretty universal, 01:00 is slightly less, and 1:00 AM is what an American would expect. In fact seeing 4:00 AM - 1:00 AM is very easy to understand that's it's open for all but 3 hours a day. – Austin French Jul 26 at 15:01
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    @AustinFrench I absolutely agree with you. The format should always be localised. – BrunoH Jul 26 at 15:48

I think the order is fine and totally legible. What I would recommend is that you separate the times like so...

enter image description here

Giving white space between the hours and the days helps the readability massively.

  • I see how you added AM and PM... ;) – Austin French Jul 26 at 15:04

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