Do we need to auto focus on any one of the buttons inside a popup? Since, some users prefer keyboard to interact with the application.

For example: Confirmation popups in destructive actions like Delete?

Confirmation popup

Any suggestion is really helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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Short answer: yes. Which element, though depends on the content.

Per w3.org:

If a dialog contains the final step in a process that is not easily reversible, such as deleting data or completing a financial transaction, it may be advisable to set focus on the least destructive action, especially if undoing the action is difficult or impossible. The Alert Dialog Pattern is often employed in such circumstances.


In UI Design you have 3 modes of actions:

If you designing pop-up for destructive action, the order of buttons and their priority differs in relation to systems and design approaches. In the screens below:

  1. The priority of action
  2. Example of good practise

enter image description here

enter image description here

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