We need to add some date presets in our date picker, but our lookback window starts yesterday (we don't have data for "today").

The current options are: enter image description here

So we need to remove "Today" as it's not an option Yesterday - remains the same

What would be the best name for the following presets: "Last 7 Days" - "Last 30 Days" "Quarter to Date" "Year to Date" when data is only till yesterday



My answer would be this, explain it in the title, then you don't have to muddy each description. The title text could be slightly different - but you get the meaning.

enter image description here

  • This makes sense. Maybe the message could be "Data is available up to midnight last night", if the data is timestamped and not just datestamped. – Luke Griffiths Dec 3 '20 at 2:11

enter image description here

I will put the custom at the top. Placing arbitrary menu options at the top has high discoverability. If needed, 'Custom' may be enclosed in a pair of parenthesis as '(custom)'. Having special characters will automatically display the option at the top following ASCII character order.

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    This doesn't address the question at all. – Lazar Ljubenović Dec 2 '20 at 18:27

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