There are some reasons why the discovery process for B2B (mid and enterprise) seems to me much more complicated compared to B2C:

  • Multiple feedbacks: multiple personas can use the same product
  • Low incentive to share internal problems
  • Long feedback cycle
  • Small market (#): some markets are made up of less than 50 companies
  • Strongly based on relationship
  • Domain complexity: some B2B niches are very specific and technical

Given this context, what would be a good discovery process techniques and approaches for B2B?


I would advice you to interview, inquire and shadow, etc and map out all the steps and all the users involved the the product sales and life cycle. This is the only way to have a clear map of what is going on. Only then you will be able to decide on what to optimize and fix for the beat outcome. Maybe the website is not that all important, maybe it’s all about supporting the prospect in his internal struggle to buy your product.

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