I am redoing the bulk upload programs that I initially created a few years ago. This is an example of the new design I have come up with. Note that this is a desktop app written in a framework that is very old and legacy.

When you click on the View Errors/View Warnings buttons, another window will open that displays the errors/warnings.

enter image description here

The grey box on the right will contain messages that inform the user about the status of their upload (e.g., 15 rows have been checked, 4 have errors and 2 have warnings...blah blah.)

Does this design make sense? I am not a UX person, so feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • What other constraints might you have on this? When you say bulk upload, what's the bounds of how many records here? Is there a typical error range? If it's upload, are they uploading from a spreadsheet? Any other context can help for answers that might help you. What are the users doing right now before you're proposed design, and how is your design helping them? – Mike M Jun 30 '19 at 15:35
  • Hi, there could be any number of records, most commonly it's 100 to 1000. They upload from a tab delimited spreadsheet. The users are currently using another version of the above program. The new version has this new UI + 2 new features (1. Warnings (instead of just errors); 2. The ability to continue with the upload with just the valid rows if there are rows with errors). – JRG Jul 1 '19 at 1:04

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