I'm working on a design for a site that helps users calculate how much tax they will have to pay for a given salary. I've included some quick links underneath the salary input, but I'm struggling to think of a header that explains what these links are. Currently, the header is Browse salaries but I don't think this best explains the purpose of this section. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

enter image description here

  • what specific info does the user get by clicking the link? Does it lead them to a page, or is it interactive? And if they know their own salary, why have all the brackets there? Wouldn't you just input, calculate, and see the results?
    – Mike M
    Jun 26, 2019 at 23:17

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If I understand the question, the user will be able to view tax rates by a given salary range.

In that case, the information is not about receiving Salary information but Tax rate information.

I also put 'Annual' for salary for additional clarification.

enter image description here You could also think of the range as 'up to', so users know if they make greater than 30k, but less than 40k, they are viewing rates up to 40k.

Let me know if I've missed the mark, and I'll update to the best I can.

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