I am UX expert working mainly on designing web applications. Now the company is thinking moving to develop a window application.

  • I am looking for materials around design standards for windows application (while the essence remains the same, there are differences I am sure), and
  • What tools should I use for handoff? I currently use Zeplin (which has a xaml extension). Is Microsoft Blend any good? should we stick to the same design process and translate designs to code directly on XAML?



  • Related question: Documents similar to Microsoft's guide on creating the best user experience (ux.stackexchange.com/questions/1420/…) – Ren Jun 14 at 12:55
  • Thanks! Most of those I know. I guess some are a bit dated (since that question is from 2010). I am also still looking fir a handoff tool. Did not find anything promising, and Micrisoft blend that comes with Visual Studio does not seem as a proper desing tool. ;-( – Iris Green Jun 15 at 20:08

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