Since I am new to Material design, I am having some clarification

1) What is material design? Common CSS material design framework?

2) Difference between material design and material UI? Material UI is used only in react?

3) In HTML to implement bootstrap, I will include a bootstrap external link to my header, likewise, there is an option to implement material UI in HTML.

4) I like speed dial in material UI, how to use it in my plain HTML:


Thanks in advance.

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This question may be off topic here, but I hope I can still answer some of your questions.

1) Material design is a design language developed by google. there is not one single css framework for it.

2) Material UI is simply a framework that utilizes the Material design style.

3) Material UI should have their own documentation on how to develop with it.

4) That should be asked in another question on the regular SO site.

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