So, I know that when designing for mobile dividing processes into steps makes the user feel not so overwhelmed by the amount of options/fields that are required. Does this hold for web development?

This is how the 'set up guide' looks right now:

1) User signs up normally enter image description here

2) User chooses if they want to follow the guide enter image description here

3) User adds profile info. enter image description here

4) User adds opening hours enter image description here

This would have one more step, but I think my point is shown. The user is required to add 'complex' information, and in order to have the user set it up at the start I think is better to walk them through than leaving them alone at the dashboard.

Should I keep the 'guided sign up' feature? Any tips on how to improve it? Should I leave the option for the user to choose whether or not to be guided?


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Yes, users on web also need help. It is good practice to make it an option,

First of all, I think you need to work with your copy (which you probably will see if you test your design).

As a user I have many questions: * What am I signing up for * What am I getting (value) * Etc.

I would test it with 2-5 users. Then I would come up with solutions to the issues found during the tests and run tests again.

Think aloud test is a great one for this type and I belive you would find alot of things you need to explain to a potential user.




Helping the user with step by step guide is really useful. Also, reducing a step may help. You can move step 2 into the dashboard. Here is how:

When user will signup they will directly go to the Dashboard. A small modal will appear (where it fits best for the user in your application) and ask if the user needs a guided walk through or not. If they click on the guided setup button the guided setup will start. If they click on cancel the modal will be closed. But a button to open the modal for guided setup will stay in the corner or on top navigation if the user got stuck or need the guided setup later.

Here is a simple example. enter image description here

But test the solutions with your users to find out which method suits the best.

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