In my application I have the following scenario: if the user click a "info" button, the info will be shown in a label (bottom right). The problem is that I am force to put this label a little far from the button, so I do not know if the user is awareness that the information he wants to retrieve are exactly in that label. For now I decided to put in label's header a keyword "info", and also make a tooltip that explains exactly what will happen if the user clicks the button.

Any advice for some UI / UX best practices in this case? Thanks a lot

enter image description here

  • Is the right hand side of the screen a persistent panel? It's hard to tell with the large gray area – Mike M May 29 at 13:01
  • Thanks @MikeM. Yes, the right hand side is a persistent layout that simply changes data periodically. The items in the large gray area can grow: in this case, it is large because few items were charged there. – GCiandro May 29 at 13:15
  • Have you considered temporarily highlighting changes? For instance, the text or background color can change for several seconds. – 習約塔 May 30 at 8:41
  • Thanks @xiota . I decided to adopt a solution that highlights the text with a short and very soft animation. – GCiandro May 31 at 9:03

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