I'm currently working on a a SaaS which allows the users to upload media content on their screens; the content is not put directly on the screens but instead it's organized (similarly with music) in Playlists.

I am now creating the "new playlist" and the "edit playlist" views but I am facing a UX dilemma: should they have the same UI?

This is what I have been prototyping:

New Playlist: as this action needs 4 steps, I created a wizard to help the user focus on each part:

enter image description here

Edit Playlist: in this case, the user in most cases will be editing the content only, as the more complex settings in steps 3-4 would have been already dealt with. For this reason, I opted for a page view with tabs:

enter image description here

My question is: would this UI change confuse the user? Should it always be consistent?

Thanks to anyone who will answer :)

  • For better understanding: 1- You add images or music tracks 2- arrange your media content which is first on the list by drag 3- you can get to the setting of each added piece of media, 4- assign the selected media to a specific screen or selected screens. Is it, right? Please correct me so I can guide you to a good solution. – Khalil Hanna May 28 at 9:56
  • @KhalilHanna yes that's basically it! could be shortened but those are the steps – StarGirl May 28 at 12:48
  • Another thing what do you mean by scheduling? What do you want to do here? if you could explain. Also if you could tell me what do you need to do in every step you mentioned above. This will help me. Thanks! – Khalil Hanna May 28 at 15:56

There is no UX rule that says they must be the same.

Your developers will thank you if they are are the same, as this will make it easier for them to code, however you users might not be so happy with that.

In many cases it might actually be better to make the create and edit flows different, i.e. use a a guided wizard for create, and use a basic page to edit the item at a later date.

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