Are there any platforms or tools to create a responsive prototype?


Actually most modern wireframing tools offer this option (in different ways).


Using constraints & “magic numbers” to build responsive layouts in Figma

Figma is great for building with responsive constraints — you can stretch your layouts and see how they will respond to changes in screen size. (If you’re new to constraints in Figma, check out this beginner primer here.)

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Adaptive Views - in Axure you basically just create different screens that trigger at certain breakpoints.

Adaptive views are alternate versions of pages designed for specific screen sizes. They allow you to create a page once and then rearrange, resize, and restyle its widgets to fit each screen size you intend to test it on.
When you view the page in a web browser, the appropriate view for the browser dimensions will be shown automatically.

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Adobe XD has some responsive features now that might help your design along. Here is the intro video from Adobe that will give you some insight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKvg8_8jv10

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