I have many pages of items each page containing m x n items with the m and n dimension layouts being editable by the user. I want the order of the items on the page to be editable so I thought about using the jquery-ui sortable connected list shown here: https://jqueryui.com/sortable/#connect-lists

Where each page would be a list and the items can be ordered based on their position in the grid like array of connected lists. Is this a good approach or should I go in a different direction?

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    Can you show us some mocks of your efforts so far? It would be helpful to see the larger context, along with any constraints. What is the user trying to accomplish? Just looking at lists I imagine is not in itself a goal. – Mike M May 21 at 14:16
  • Does each page have limited set of items? What is the criteria for editing an item? How many of them they have to edit and how frequently? Consider these questions before narrowing down to a UX pattern. Sorting manually is tedious process, so use filter sorting (sort by latest / low/edited/ ) etc. Or if there is any criteria in which these items sort automatically before and after editing them is also a good pattern. – Rupesh Nath May 22 at 9:29

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