I would like to represent a sequence of user events (for ex. login events) under a graph. This would typically hold zero to infinite entries.

To represent users I intend to use small icons of, say, roughly 64x64. But how do I represent them with good UX over a timeline ? If for example I simply draw them over a line representing time, there may be blanks and overlaps. If i represent them in fixed space sequence, I loose the information of how much time elapses between events and may need to re-include that anyhow. I'm thinking I could make use of more available screen space.

Mockups describing the envisionated solutions

Should I keep any of these two designs ? Can they be improved ? Can a completely different fit ? I'm open to all and any suggestion.

  • Do you have any mock-ups for what you're trying to do? It would be easier to understand the problem – Aline May 15 '19 at 18:30
  • @Aline added a quick paint – Arthur Hv May 15 '19 at 18:40

Maybe you could do something like this:

enter image description here

Adding a new dimension to your chart.

  • 1
    I have this moment where I feel dumb not having thought of it myself. Many thanks for this proposition ! – Arthur Hv May 15 '19 at 19:05
  • 1
    No problem! :D . – Aline May 15 '19 at 19:11

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