I'm looking to see if there are some different ways of moving users through several disclosures on financial products: personal loans, credit credit cards, etc. We currently employ individual checkboxes for each one, but I wanted to see if we could do something a bit more innovative.

Are there some interesting examples that folks could share, and maybe some pros/cons for the differing implementations?

Thx in advance.

  • Are you referring to sections of a document that would be initialed if it were on paper? A concrete example would be helpful?
    – 習約塔
    May 15, 2019 at 0:51

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I would like to suggest you with the token input functionality.


  • Increases the efficiency of the data usage in long term.
  • Makes the users to be more conscious of they require.

As in-case of the check box functionality the user tends to check all boxes (responsive time of the user for the check box is less as compared to the token input) which may be unnecessary for the user which causes the data usage more.


  • User must have the knowledge of what they require.
  • Time consumption is bit more incase of the token input as compared to check box.

Token-input functionality

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