For my project, i am having the following need.

  1. We have folder tree kind of options in Left side ( say it as folder )
  2. Each folder has its own multiple options ( say it as 'opt1,2 etc' )
  3. Each opt1,2, etc has some details as list view ( say it as 'Listing' )
  4. On clicking the Listing, it has other set of options related to that.

At best, i was tried to showcase it as prototype and it looks like below image. I feel something bit odd on showing second level of options ( second level tabs ) so please help me any better way to capture multi level multiple tab use case.

enter image description here


You can try to use as an alternative the material Design tabs as a reference. You can hide some unused or fewer important menus but if user swipe, then he can see it.

See image example and see more in https://material.io/design/components/tabs.html#usage enter image description here

And on this post, you can see some alternatives that I suggested for other similar situation. Help with a second menu - Admin Page

  • The diagrams in the question don't look like phone interfaces. A touchscreen may not be available for swiping. – 習約塔 May 10 '19 at 9:58
  • @xiota Yeah, but on the second link have a lot of desktop alternatives. I only post this mobile option in case want a responsive theme. – Rafael Perozin May 10 '19 at 11:03

.. help me any better way to capture multi level multiple tab use case...

Don't use multiple tab levels. If you have that many nested levels, you need to reorganize the options. In the left sidebar, you should not have multiple children with a single parent. Instead, there should be multiple parents and children. This would eliminate the "need" for the opt-n tabs.

  • These types of interfaces are usually described by the platform UI guidelines. It's usually not a good idea to design non-standard interfaces for standard tasks, such as setting options.

  • Even if you do manage to make the UI look good and appear to make sense, it will be difficult for users to find and change settings that are deeply nested.

Consider the option dialog of LibreOffice. No need for tabs.

LibreOffice Options


I would separate navigation into two different pages:

  • One with the information of the folders
  • Another with the information from the tabs.
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    could you please elaborate more? if any illustration to explain your context will be more helpful – littledev May 10 '19 at 12:08

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