What is your way to content map a website? My current redesign project has a span of 60+ governmentwebsites. I don't have the time to do a in depth research of each website/application, but I need a clear overview of all the content available.

The goal is as followed:

  1. Map most the content on the websites (content, level in the website, category);
  2. Sort all of the content, look for overlap (merge websites in the end);
  3. Use card sorting to establish a good flow;
  4. Reduce the ammount of portals, websites and applications.

What is your advice?

  • Should I start with a mind map to structure it right away? This would take more time ofcourse.
  • Just map everything in Excell? How?
  • ....

Any experience on this topic is much appreciated.


I allready started with using Excell and ordening everything per level. This allows some overview. Content categories is the next step.

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