Inside a footer which appears to be constant everywhere on the website, is it best practice to give this option on every single page or should it be ignored on some?


I don't think this is a good idea to repeat this form every time you enter a page, because in my point of view if the user wanted to contact you he knows how to find it, but still, you have the responsibility to show it in a good way.

You can put it:

1- The header but try to make it shine beside the header links on the right side. But it in a creative way (ex: Anything? just Contact us) make the contact us link a link or button whatever you feel good implementation.

2- You can include it as a nice looking button in the footer.

3- Also you can use it as a floating button when you click it, it will open a popup with the contact us fields to fill and send.

Good luck,

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