On our desktop site, our response for many places where table, or cards, is used to display data, is to have a button that spawns a modal for adding a record to the table/cards. The models for these table rows/cards are often complex thus requiring multiple sections/tabs. For example, this one is from our Stores page :

enter image description here

My team is looking into refactoring it, and the PM is thinking to, instead of our mobile-unfriendly tabs, have scrollable modal (that would be on-demand), instead. Something like this:

enter image description here

which, if we scroll, in the body excluding the buttons, we should get something like:

enter image description here

I can't find a site where that design is commonplace, but I know it is commonplace for sites like Facebook, Twitter, ... . Also, this could introduce confusion w.r.t. the action buttons (Cancel/Save). Outside of not using modals anymore, and instead, going to a different page, idk what to do about this.

Could someone please point me to examples of this, or defend/refute this idea?

  • PM provided more information: he wants to have navigation menu on the left hand side of the modals. I'll update the sketches with this later... – Mike Warren May 9 at 18:29

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