We have an application which shows the details about a customer. However, some of these customers are related to each other, for example, one might be the parent of the other, or they are all refered to within a contract which is organised by a different company.

So within one interface you will see all the children of a parent, and it is then possible to follow a link to them. However, we have noticed that sometimes the users click on these and then don't realise that they have jumped to a different customer. An example would be the user being in customer_b, clicking on 'peers' which would then take it to the children list of customer_a.

All pages have the name of the customer in focus, but the users don't seem to notice it. I have wondered whether to use a symbol near the link to show that the user is jumping to a different customer. Any other suggestions.

  • Hi alj, can you provide some visuals so we can see your context? That will help clarify the layout, hierarchy, and navigation for the community. – Mike M May 6 at 13:35

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