need an opinion for a better user experience. Imagine you are on some web site.  Go to page X, there are few collapsable sections.  You expanded few of them at a random order one after another.  Then visited pages A, B, C of the same web site.  Then came back to the page X with the collapsable sections. 

What is the best UX: show default (when all collapsed) or those you have already expanded are still expanded?

Thank you

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    Welcome to this site! I suspect that the answer would be much more contextual than you seem to expect. It might depend on how long are sections, how often users come back, how important is to review options before chosing one, etc. Why don't you ask your users to see what they would say? When doing this, you will find out that there's much more than the immediate answer that you'll discover. Don't forget to ask them why and how... – mapto May 2 at 15:37

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